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Kitesurfing in Cape Town? Our best beaches!

Kitesurfing in Cape Town? Our best beaches!

The best beaches for kitesurfing in Cape Town.

So we have just arrived in the Mother City! The windy season is coming to an end, the crowds have returned to Europe, but don’t be fooled, the wind still blows! There are some amazing spots for kiting, with the best winds and conditions in the Blouberg region. The area is great for driving around in the van, beautifully scenic, and not too congested, drive a little further north and the suburbs open up to lush west coast shrub and long open roads! So, lets go Kitesurfing in Cape Town, and find your favourite spot!


Dolphin Beach
Kitesurfing in Cape Town - Dolphin Beach
Kitesurfing in Cape Town – Hang Time at Dolphin Beach.


The most common beach for kitesurfing in Cape Town is, Dolphin Beach, located at the start of Table View, easily spotted by the “Pyramid” shaped hotel that marks the launch spot. You can always find another kiter, or 50 setting up on the beach. With the strongest winds in the region, this spot is great for testing your big air limits, or breaking your previous WOO sports record. As the wind here is almost cross onshore to side on, the waves are choppy and unforgiving, not great for a solid strapless kitesurf session, but ok if you are launching here to do a downwinder. The parking area is the most secure of all spots in the area, with a friendly french speaking security guard, who gladly accepts any small coins, but has no problem or issues if you don’t tip him.


Kitesurfing in Tableview
It’s ‘Finger licking good!’


Continuing your kitesurfing in Cape Town journey, further north, you can find KFC Beach, located in front of, you guessed it, a KFC.  Often slightly less crowded than Dolphin Beach, the parking area is long and spreads the crowds out, here the wind has slightly less impact on the waves, although still not great. Overall, very similar conditions to Dolphin Beach as it’s roughly 1km further north. This beach sits pretty much in the centre of the Table View “beachfront” area. With a couple cool places to grab a drink after an epic sunset kite, check out; Pakalolo or Board House 

About another kilometer up the beach is Doodles Beach. A great spot to land after a nice downwinder, named after the beach bar and grill Doodles, another great spot to grab a post kite beer and try out their grill!


Big Bay Beach
2017 Redbull King of the Air
Going Big at the 2017 Redbull King of the Air Event – Big Bay.


Going up and over the hill from Doodles you enter Big Bay, once a tiny sea-side village, now a massive kite and windsurf hub, surrounded by a sea of newly built complexes, flats, and houses. This development has had negative effects on the wind, making conditions gusty, and about 5 to 10 knots weaker than the Table View side. However, for experienced kiters, this spot offers great free ride and freestyle options, as well as some awesome wave riding!  To get here, follow the signs to “Eden on the Bay” – the massive complex / shopping centre that overlooks the beach. You can either park near the lifesaving club, and walk over the grass bank to the beach, or try park on the north side of the centre, around a small circle that has more direct and often less packed access to the beach. Big Bay, is actually rather small, nestled between sharp rocky out-crops on both sides, but because of this the waves remain smooth and clean even on the windiest days – great for freestyle! Looking at the bay, on your right of the rocks,there is an awesome wave to kite called Kamer’s. With cross off winds, and a wrapping swell, and long walls and sections, this is a really fun wave that can get big, but works even if its almost flat!


Kitesurfing in Cape Town - Big Bay
Kitesurfing in Cape Town – Big Bay.


Now we are pretty much at the end of the urban sprawl, from here there’s not much development (except for the town of Melkbos, and then the Nuclear Plant a couple of kilometres north). This stretch has some of the best kitesurf options! If you are doing a downwinder, go with a local, or at least choose a spot like Haakgat and kite there first, so you know what to look out for when you want to land. Talking of Haakgat, this can be an epic spot to kite, on the right conditions, there is a long and heavy wave that breaks of a rocky shelf! Hard to get good, but when you do it’s worth it! The only negative, is the windsurfers… so best to get it before the wind is strong enough for them! Haakgat has a small gravel parking area that doesnt have a car-guard, because of its isolated location, try not leave any valuables in the car, and if you must, keep them hidden, and out of view! Best to kite here when the parking lot is busy, if you are concerned about theft!


The view down Haakgat Beach
Looking down Haakgat Beach.


Further up the coast (about 2 hours if driving from Cape Town) is Langebaan, an amazing salt water lagoon! With a great shallow water spot that is great for beginners and families called Shark Bay, find a spot behind some bushes on the beach for some shelter, and then enjoy the crystal waters. Its a bit of a walk from the parking area, again, don’t leave valuables or kites in the car! Rather take everything down to the beach with you. Plan to spent the whole day here, the natural beauty is phenomenal, and often the wind takes some time to really come through. As a rule, if there’s a monster sized cloud coming over Table Mountain, there should be enough wind at Shark Bay. Shark Bay can get crowded, especially with beginners, so always stay calm, and take it easy, if you are experienced, try to remember that its your responsibility to practice cautious kiting.


So that’s our list of the best spots for kitesurfing in Cape Town, there are more, like Platboom in Cape Point Nature Reserve,  but that’s for another ‘Advanced Spot Guide‘. Let us know your kite experiences in and around Cape Town, we would love to hear your stories and recommendations!




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