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Kitesurfing Langebaan lagoon – A mini road trip.

Kitesurfing Langebaan lagoon – A mini road trip.

Late Monday night, we decided to take Sky for a mini trip up the West Coast. We finished what we were working on Tuesday morning, and after getting fuel, and other necessities like airtime and data, we headed off up the beautiful R27 to see if we could get some wind and try our chances kitesurfing Langebaan lagoon,  while testing out our van on the way.  

Langebaan, kitesurfing, road trip, vanlife, surf trip, summer, open road
Heading up the West Coast, along the R27.


The road up the West Coast, is long, and straight, but beautiful in its desolateness, driving at 90kmh we were truly able to absorb the arid, wind swept landscape, and let time (and the rest of the eager travelers pass us by). 

Sky ran smoothly, and with the wind at our backs we glided into Langebaan and headed straight to the lagoon. Ottilia was fired up to kite,  and we still had some time before sunset. We were surprised to see how many kites were up on the water, considering it was a weekday, but the beauty of this place makes up for any unwanted crowds! We parked Sky above Shark Bay, and headed down to the beach to sneak a quick Kitesurf in before it got dark.


Zian Hantu 7m on the beach at shark bay
Ottilia getting ready with her Zian Hantu 7m, at Shark Bay.


After an awesome time on the water, we headed back into town to find our campsite, Leentjiesklip, situated some distance from Shark Bay, but felt it would be easier and safer to camp at a proper camp site, and we wanted to test out our gazebo and wind cover. We arrived quite excited, as pictures of the camp seriously don’t do it justice. We reversed our van right to the edge of the beach, opened some wine and started the fire, just in time to watch the sun go down.


Loving the vanlife!
Loving the vanlife!
Sunset, lagoon, kiteboards, Langebaan, vanlife
O loving the sunset.


We slept to the sound of waves crashing and woke to a nice breeze from the SW. After an amazing breakfast we decided we could probably kite right infront of the camp site! As the wind had a little more west in it, it was cross-on and fairly stable. We pumped our kites and jumped in our suits. Setting up right where we were camping and being able to kite and have a view of our van was quite an experience, we were the only people in the water, we had the whole bay to ourselves, and we could enjoy the moment with out worrying about anything else! By the time we were done it was officially “Wine-O-Clock”, time to enjoy another amazing sunset over the lagoon, start the Braai, and share our kite experiences from the day!


Home is where your heart is - and where you park it
Home is where your heart is – and where you park it.
Langebaan, kitesurfing, road trip, vanlife, fire, beach, summer
Flo chilling with Sky, after a long day kiting!


The next day, the wind had dropped, but we needed to get supplies, and take some time exploring Langebaan, we decided to stay another night, hoping the wind might come through the next day, and even if there wasn’t wind, it was awesome to just chill and lounge around on the beach. Another day slowly passed and we decided to start an early Braai, and take it easy, watching the waves break, and admiring the bird displays over the water, nothing to do but relax and take it all in.

Langebaan, kitesurfing, road trip, vanlife, surf trip, summer, Greece
Another angle from our camp! We could be in Greece!?


The no-wind situation prevailed into the next day, so we decided pack up camp, and head down to Shark Bay to enjoy the scenery, before reluctantly heading back to Cape Town.

Langebaan, kitesurfing, road trip, vanlife, surf trip, summer
Cheers Langebaan! Until next time!



  • Kitesurfing Langebaan lagoon works best when Cape Town has a strong South Easter, although it can surprise you and have good winds regardless.
  • There are two main places to Kitesurf. For begginers, and families, or just for the beauty and scenery, try Shark Bay, close to the West Coast National Park, or if you are more advanced, and want stronger winds head to the Main beach in Langebaan itself. 
  • Grab cheap freshly baked bread from the Spar in town, R19.99 gets you a full feta, and spinach focaccia – enough to keep you going for a long kite session!
  • Explore The West Coast National Park, it’s R50 per ZA National, and R75 for foreigners. 
  • The R27 incorporates average speed cameras, which calculate you aver speed over a set distance and will fine you if you exceed the speed limit of 120km in an hour. (Not like we were worried about that)

Have any questions, let us know in the comments!


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