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Our vintage camper van! (Yes another one!)

Our vintage camper van! (Yes another one!)

While we have been adjusting to our new life raising little Willow in Sweden, our yearning to get back on the road was ever present, like a patient child waiting to eat his birthday cake, a yearning that could only be contained for so long!

We contemplated shipping our vintage camper van from South Africa to Sweden, but the process and logistics were daunting to say the least and South Africa still had so much left to explore – our life there wouldn’t be the same with out our old trusty ‘Sky’ to explore the endless African horizon. Occasionally a camper van would pop up in the local Swedish classifieds (www.blocket.se) but generally the demand for camper vans and motor-homes keeps the prices rather high and out of our budget.


Until… Yes, one day (like it always works) an ad popped up on the Facebook Marketplace – the clever tracking goblin that it is – for a classic Volkswagen camper van for sale to the highest bidder. Flo did some research on the LT31 as it was labeled, and besides it’s similarity in styling with our beloved T3 back in SA it also had many people raving about its usefulness as a camper and had started to garner a small cult like following. Nothing like the original Split and Bay window busses or even the American’s bewilderment at the ever so unreliable US built Vanagon – luckily it seems our SA production plant had none of the woes, but much of the same following – without the exorbitant re-sale prices. But the Mk1 version, with the rounded lights which this was, was the most sought after, if you could even say a 1977 VW LT was “sort after” 🙂

Flo slept on the idea, and mentioned the ad to O, one thing led to another, and after we thought some other lucky fool, had gotten the old lady – we managed to book a time to view her.

Far out in the country and a hefty drive along small winding roads, she (we believe the van is a she – where Sky, was a boy through and through) sat waiting.

Under some trees parked some 15 years ago. Surprisingly the van was actually in pretty good condition, with the usual rusty areas not looking too rusty at all. We tried to get her fired up – in the sneaky hopes of being able to put cash in the hands of the current owners and driving her home. LOL! Well she almost fired but there was no way she was going anywhere today.

On the way home, O’s Pa made some arrangements with a friend of a friend to get the van towed back to us. The condition that he would tow it whenever he had free time – so we put in an offer, and that evening O received the call that the van was now officially all ours! The wait was unreal, as we were both so excited not only to start our new adventures but not knowing when it would arrive made us so much more anxious in anticipation.

Finally she arrived and with much fanfare and excitement was offloaded in the yard. Now the long but oh so fun process of getting her back on the road can begin!

We will keep you all updated on our progress here, on our facebook page and on our Insta! So make sure you follow and subscribe to learn, laugh and live with us on this new chapter! 2019 Euro Discovery – here we come!


Love, Flo + O, and Willow!



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