Wander, travel, surf and explore for pleasure and love



Say what? 

One day we decided that our shared passion for travel and adventure was too strong to ignore! While on opposite ends of the earth we made plans to leave our comfortable homes and find our way to live the life we always dreamed of, together, carefree, and happy.

Surf, Van Love, Travel

Gallivanting – is what we do. Travel, surf, explore, wander the world in search of pleasure and happiness, and this is our life. With our newly born son, Willow Wilder, we want to share every amazing sight, sound and experience of being modern nomads.

Even the most mundane activities can be glorious adventures, and the most glorious adventures are what we live for!

We hope to learn about ourselves and this amazing planet we are all on, and while we are at it share our experiences and lessons learnt.

Hopefully you can learn a thing or two from our mistakes, and achievements, and get inspired to get out there!

Follow our journey to stay up to date on our current situation, find insider travel tips, learn about exotic foods from far off lands, enjoy some of our photography, and marvel at our ability to stay sane in our tiny mobile home / van(s).


Flo, O & Willow